Fairbanks Alaska Raft Rentals, Canoe Rentals and Shuttle Services

Alaska River Gear Rentals and Shuttle Service

Fairbanks Alaska Raft Rentals, River Trip Outfitting, & Shuttle Services

Arctic River Guides offers Fairbanks Alaska raft rentals, SOAR canoes and inflatable kayak rentals.  We outfit individuals and or groups planning their own Alaska river trips.  Our boats are outfitted for Alaska rivers, specifically for the fly-in remote Arctic trips.  We don’t only rent them, we use them. We also have trucks and vans to shuttle your gear or group to air charter services or road-accessible put-in locations.

Ask about full door to door services for multi-day remote fly-in trips, including flight logistic information,  appropriate boat rentals, and expeditionary gear and equipment rentals.   Whether leaving from Fairbanks, Anchorage,  Coldfoot or Kotzebue your river equipment will be expedited and waiting for you at your requested location.

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Shuttle Services

We don’t only have the best gear for rent, but also a way to transport it, and your group!  Whether going to Coldfoot or the airport in Fairbanks, we can get you there!  Please call for up to date pricing.

Fairbanks Alaska Raft Rentals


There is a three day minimum rental, and 50% of  the total rental fee due at booking. This guarantees your boat for requested dates, and is non-refundable. Remaining total fee due at pick-up of your rental. Arctic River Guides also holds a deposit of $1,000.00 per boat until return of all equipment and full inspection. 

Outfitting Price List (556 downloads)

14’ self-bailing raft    

  • Paddle Boat Package (raft, repair kit, pump, paddles, 2 PFD’s, cargo net)
    $100.00 Per Day
  • Frame Oar Package (frame, repair kit, pump, oars, 2 PFD’s, cargo net)
    $110.00 Per Day

16′ SOAR Inflatable Canoe 

  • Paddle Boat Package (canoe, repair kit, pump, paddles, 2PFD’s)
    $90.00 Per Day

16′ SOAR Inflatable Pro Pioneer Canoe 

  • Paddle Boat Package (canoe, repair kit, pump, paddles, 2PFD’s)
    $95.00 Per Day
  • Oar Boat Package (canoe, repair kit, pump, Oars, Frame, 2 PFD’s)
    $100.00 Per Day

12′ Aire Outfitter II Inflatable Kayak 

  • Inflatable Kayak Package (kayak, 2 paddles, repair kit, pump, 1 PFD)
    $50.00 Per Day

Rent our Cozy Alaskan Yurt

Need a place to stay and do last minute packing for your Alaskan Adventure? Contact us about staying in our 16 foot diameter yurt in our beautifully forested 30 acre lot just 20 miles from downtown Fairbanks.  Enjoy a private deck, summer and winter trails, and northern lights viewing. You’ll have easy access to the Chena River Recreation Area and Chena Hot Springs. Our yurt is a great place to do final packing for your Alaskan Adventure.

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Fairbanks Yurt Rental